Natalia’s Artistic Vision

My images are about people living their lives every day. In my art I strive to celebrate the significance of a genuine moment.

A story

in my photography starts with a face, a day, a place. I look for the humble backstage life moments that are glorious in their simple yet grand significance: the true, humble images of parenthood, the concentration of an entire universe in the palm of a child’s hand holding a rock.

I have yet to see

anything more significant to capture than an expression of a pure awe at a triumphant moment of discovery reflected in the eyes of a child. I don’t know what else could be more important than this relationship between life itself and its new promise.

Honesty in photography

takes me on a journey of artistic exploration and discovery. The ultimate genuinity of a true self shining through in a moment of raw emotion makes powerful images. A little laugh, or an unexpected impulse make my “honest portraits” my favorite way to photograph. Getting the camera out subtly to get an effect “as if no one is watching” is how I love to work.

Life unfolding

has already created the ultimate art of imagery. I see it when it lets me see it. When I am lucky enough, I get to photograph it. I am curious to see where my journey is taking me next.

All images © 2019-2021 Natalia Koninina